Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Gymnastic Leotards: Custom Designed Gymnastics Leotards

Gymnastic leotards are an important part of any gymnastics performance. Whether you are doing the floor routine or the vaults or the balance beam, a good leotard not only supports all your body movements it also enhances the beauty of the same. The hologram gymnastics leotards add finesse to your movement. The shimmering materials make any performance classier.

When kids are young they play around the house. Hannah Tuomela was doing somersaults and cartwheels around her house, and her mother put her in gymnastics classes when she was 7. She stayed with the club and later competed at the high school level. As a member of her club gymnastics team, the Twin Cities Twisters, Hannah excelled in her sport. Anoka High School coach Amy Hedberg calls Tuomela the school’s best gymnast as she is an all-rounder.

Toumela loves gymnastics and enjoys the fun and excitement that comes with competing. Like her, several young girls are taking the sport in a serious manner. They focus on excellence and strive hard to achieve perfection. Many schools now have the expert coaches that offer the right guidance and support to create future champions. Toumela has been in the news due to her marvelous performance in competitions at the high school level.

At the club level, the gymnastics have to train for 15-20 hours every week to gain perfection. The gyms and clubs have the right equipment and gear for their convenience. All gymnasts like to practice in functional leotards that stretch and flex with their body movement. Girls that are serious about gymnastics and have the ambition to move ahead in the sport prefer wearing leotards made by expert design houses. Destira is a family owned and operated gymnastics apparel design house. All the garments are designed by ex-gymnasts that know the sport well.   

Welcome Post

For years we have been associated with Leotards for girl’s gymnastics. This is because the company was founded by former gymnasts, who lived and breathed the sport. The founders have been at the center stage and know about the trials and tribulations that are associated with gymnasts clothing.  This is why they try to make the very best hand stitched leotards.

At Destira we have a variety of different leotards available. You can search our stores for every conceivable pattern and design. Trust us you won’t be disappointed as we have something for nearly everybody. So tune in, and visit our stores to get the very best gymnastic apparel and leotards for your growing gymnast.